What's Holding You Back?

The first time I fell in love with therapy was after 9/11. Like many Americans, I was glued to the television screen, consuming image after image of that tragic day. When I laid my head down at night, I felt afraid. When I awoke that fear had multiplied and settled deeply in my bones. I cried constantly, felt detached from my surroundings and struggled to make sense of what had happened.

Always attuned to my emotional needs, I sought out a counselor. On the day of my first session, I was actually excited. Hope coursed through my body and I couldn't wait to start talking. To begin to feel relief from all that I had been carrying.

That experience changed me for the better. In fact, it opened me up to exploring a lifelong journey with myself. To seek outside support when I was hurting and understand my behaviors. Heal painful wounds from my past and make healthier decisions in my present. Therapy provided me with a safe and productive space to grow, set healthy boundaries and feel okay amongst so much change and uncertainty throughout different stages of my life.

People are weary of change. They are afraid of the darkness that burrows deep within and oftentimes the process required to untangle trauma, grief & loss, family drama, stress, anxiety or feelings of sadness is a difficult one.

When I first start working with a client, there can be a great deal of resistance; placating and minimizing in some cases. And I accept that; meeting each individual where they are in the therapeutic process. It's not easy for someone to recognize, let alone admit they need help. I'm just happy they took the first step!

Despite strides and progress to break mental health stigma over the years the idea we shouldn't talk about our difficulties in public still exists. This programming is hard to break, especially when we've been told to hold in our secrets. There's a comfortability pretending that whatever may be going on in life isn't happening. Sometimes this way of being works, but that facade never lasts. This is where healers, like myself, come in. To hold space for you when you finally decide to let your emotional walls down and begin to heal.

One of the reasons I love talk therapy so much is the freedom attached to it. You're not expected to be anyone other than who you are in that moment; allowing an openness and level of trust to exist while getting to the root of the issue. Like anything beneficial, there is a commitment to therapy and/or personal development work, but the benefits are tenfold. For instance, when you begin to look within and share your feelings, the positive results are long-lasting. You don't just feel better in the moment, but you learn coping skills and tools to handle the ups and downs of life; and to gain self-confidence and purpose. In addition, when you seek help, you create a bond that is less isolating and builds connection - the heart of what makes us feel alive.

I will forever be an advocate of therapy/counseling/coaching because I have seen it work in both my personal and professional life. I believe in its effectiveness and there's no better feeling than seeing a client overcome whatever holds them back. If you're thinking about dipping your toe in the therapeutic waters, curious about getting started on your own journey or ready to begin working together, let's talk. I offer a free 30-minute consultation call to determine your needs, goals and whether or not we are a good fit. Don't let fear, shame or external/internal judgement interfere with the life you are meant to have.