Emotional Freedom

"Showing up as you are and honoring your needs is a beautiful thing

How do you manage stress in your life?

I've been hearing from many people recently who are feeling the squeeze of the times - uncertainty about the future, tax season, balancing work/life/family, prioritizing relationships, raising children & teenagers (ugh!), carpooling, making time for self-care, you name it - they are feeling it!

I am not immune to stress, despite my profession. It creeps up and quietly settles in from time to time, especially when I stop making my emotional health a priority. When this happens, I use the experience as an opportunity to get curious about what I am needing, areas of my life I am neglecting and ways to reestablish balance in my daily routine.

If you're in the same boat as many of us, or dealing with some uncomfortable feelings, here is a journal prompt I created, which allows you to reflect on your current emotional state and identify the underlying issue.

Think of a situation that is causing you stress, anxiety or discomfort and ask the following questions:

Part I:

How is this situation serving me?

What is being revealed to me?

What is being revealed to need healing? (i.e. unprocessed grief & loss, insecurities, old wounds from childhood).

How am I putting the feelings/needs of others first?

How can I support myself and my needs?

Part II:

What is happening in my life right now that makes me uncomfortable?

What is happening in my life right now that makes me scared? What am I afraid of not getting?

How and why am I feeling powerless?

Part III:

What does my mind need to feel at ease today?

What does my heart need to feel at ease today?

How can I honor my personal needs?

How can I be kind and loving toward myself as I move through this experience?

Part IV:

How can I best show up for others today? What boundaries do I need to set and with who?

*this exercise can be applied in other areas of your life as well. I hope you use it when needed.

There's always a reason behind our feelings and our responses to stressors, whether it's situational, internal, relational or historical. Be willing to uncover the why of it all, as well as looking at your behavioral patterns. Change doesn't happen overnight. It's a steady process that requires courage, humility and outside support. Don't let stress rob you of your joy. Emotional freedom is possible!