A Love Letter

Dearest sweet girl,

It brings me great joy to write this letter, as I am certain you will read it at just the right time. In this moment, when you are in the middle of some serious growth, destined to change the course of your current circumstances, and embark on a journey to finding your best self. Be patient, keep your heart wide open, say yes, set boundaries, love, cry, sing, laugh, practice lots of yoga, and remember that you are enough. You’re being tested, and pushed unlike anything you could imagine, to not only enhance your life, but to finally settle into the life you have always been meant for. Setting the course for your highest self to emerge. You are a beautiful example of grace and resilience, with a voice meant to be shared. Move toward that, and when you feel like hiding, remind yourself that there are many opportunities, still waiting to be experienced. People to love, lessons to learn, sunsets to watch, books to read. Don’t settle. Stay honest. And continue to put one foot in front of the other. I know there are challenging circumstances today, and times in which you feel like throwing your hands up in defeat. Pause. Breathe. Instinctively trust that you are capable of moving through or bypassing the drama all together. I believe in you, and I feel amazed by your wisdom, your energetic light, and the pure joy you offer to the world. Keep shining. And know you’re truly loved. I have your back, and your heart, always.

In light & love,