Recovery Support Services

  • 1 hour
  • $200
  • In-person, online & phone services available

Service Description

These services are an all-inclusive and supportive approach to assisting individuals and families throughout the recovery process. If your loved one is experimenting with substances or is active in their addiction, and you're seeking guidance on how to address the issue, these services are for you. When a loved one is struggling with addiction it's often a confusing time and many questions arise as a result. Substance abuse doesn't just affect the individual, it's a family problem. Often referred to as a "family disease”; meaning each member of the family is impacted in some way by the behavior. Therefore, support services are important for reestablishing balance within the family dynamic and helping to find a solution for everyone involved. I designed these services with the family in mind. The unknown is challenging to navigate, especially when it comes to addiction. I work with parents/spouses/siblings in identifying solutions to help their loved one find hope through the daunting recovery process. The following is included; initial consultation, assessment, training/problem-solving strategies for coping with addiction, placement support and aftercare planning. Through weekly and highly involved sessions, I help family members identify areas of stress, improve communication skills and implement healthy boundaries at home. In addition, I offer psycho-educational interventions to develop a fundamental understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery.

Contact Details

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